Hello world!

A humble person that needs to have a constant outlet to create something out of paper, clay, fabric, yarn, paint, whatever I can get my hands on. Someone that needs to "get it out and onto paper" so that later I can create something that inspired me. Sometimes I spend days outside taking pictures of things that excite me. That is usually followed by my "homebody" stage where I'd rather be in my studio than anywhere else. I find art in everything and hope to create a place where everyone that is inspired to put what's in their  head out there for the world to see. No piece is ever to be judge negatively here as this is to be a safe place to show your work, no matter what your medium is. This is a place to teach and to learn a new craft or an old forgotten one. Join us and join in. Sewing is my vice and I LOVE creating art from fabric, paint, beads, sequins, trims, stones, buttons, you name it. So let's pool our obsessions here and enjoy the muse in you.


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