My newest pattern obsession by “Suede Says” made by Simplicity.

I am a seasoned sewer (Every time I type “sewer” I’m afraid people think I enjoy going underground in the pipes below everyone’s toilets. I assure you I am referring to sewing on a sewing machine.) but yet I just signed up for a sewing class because I want to see if there’s any new tricks or trends out there that I can learn. One of my obsessions is building up my stash of fabric. I have sketched a whole line of handbags that I am excited about. Before I delve into it though, I feel a course in sewing is probably a good idea. So don’t ever feel that you know it all because there’s always at least one person out there that has thought of something cooler and new that maybe you haven’t. So we’ll see. I’ll share anything exciting I learn with you.

You can still get “Suede Says” patterns at:


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