Your inspiration board

Angi Sullins' inspiration board

This is one thing all artists or would-be-artists (some very talented people have a hard time referring to themselves as artists. Get over it, you’re brilliant!!) really should have. The trusty Inspiration Board. A small bulletin board or a massive wall poked with a million little holes from your thumb tacks will do. Anything you see that inspires you i.e. magazine rip-outs, photos, drawings, clipart, writings, poems, anything, goes up on this wall. You need to be able to look at it everyday so things can click for you. Sometimes one thing alone won’t create a spark but once it’s on the wall and it happens to be near something else, together they start a fire and your mind starts creating a piece. If you don’t already have one, start one. You’ll see!


One thought on “Your inspiration board

  1. I really like the idea of an inspiration board, but I rarely have printed materials in hand so I use Pinterest. It’s not quite as handy since I have to be online, and it’s certainly not quite as pretty as the one above!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today. I’m following yours now and looking forward to reading more!

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