I finally have my Ebay store set up where I sell sewing patterns.

So how do you like my logo? My expression of art comes from the look, feel, even the smell of fabric! Yup, crazy isn’t it? So what could be more satisfying as a job for me than operating a small-business from home selling what else…sewing patterns. I sell Butterick, McCall’s, Simplicity, and Vogue and they are all waaaaaay below retail and brand, spanking new. I know, a shameless plug but if you love sewing like I do, wouldn’t you rather pay half of what patterns sell for and get 2 for the same money???? I sure would. So I went seeking high and low, near and far, a company that would sell me patterns at wholesale prices. Then it dawned on me that I CAN’T be the only person out there having a stroke over the price of patterns. So I bought a ton of them and opened an Ebay store. I sell them there at a fraction of the retail price AND I ship them anywhere in the US of A for FREE. So check me out! I promise, I won’t use this blog as a marketing tool just to sell you my patterns. But I thought maybe if you sew all the time, saving some money on a pattern might be greatly appreciated. Enough said, here’s the link/address/url: www.butterscotchtabby.com


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