Using simple crochet as usable art pieces

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I know countless people that can crochet and/or knit anything from an intricate baby sweater to a freakin’ sofa cover that I barely dared to sit on because is was so gorgeous. These are the people that when asked about their talent, mutter “Oh no, I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.” and this just blows me away! I can crochet a scarf. Well whoop-de-doo! But when I’m finished and it’s wrapped around my neck in all it’s glory I’m damn proud of my amateurish attempt at crocheting.

But these people sit anywhere that they have a moment to wait and have their hook or needles out, hands moving effortlessly with the speed of a machine. Who on earth can “create” like that and still not have the courage to call themselves an artist? I’ve come to the conclusion that “the people of the yarn” crowd are a very humble bunch. So, this goes out to the knitters and crocheters that I sit back and admire. While I’m sitting at the doctor’s office stuck with nothing to keep my hands busy with except for the germy magazines, you are sitting across from me quietly flaunting your portable art. With the rhythm of your hands you lull me into a peaceful state of mind and if I dare look away for a moment you’ve snuck in two more rows of skillfully looped and twisted yarn. And you say you have no bones of an artist…YOU are an artist.


3 thoughts on “Using simple crochet as usable art pieces

    • I’m new to blogging and the comment you left: […] Using simple crochet as usable art pieces ( […] what does that mean or what does it do? I have so much to learn! LOL Thanks, Diane
      Laurie (I left a post on your blog, you are exactly the type of person I was talking about in my crocheting/knitting post) 🙂

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