How I Fed My Sewing Habit as a Young Stay-at-Home Mother

As a young, stay-a-home mother with two little boys, I was always hungering for a project that didn’t cost a lot. Many times what I really wanted was a free project. This is when I discovered thrift shops, yard sales, and clearance sales. At the beginning I sought out wearable clothing in the sizes that my sons were currently wearing. Then while in my local thrift shop I got my genius (haha) idea. I happened across a new (still had tags on it) ladies’ corduroy jumper in a very large size. The thrift shop was selling it for 50 cents so I bought it. When my husband got home I held the jumper up against me and he burst out laughing, asking why on earth I had bought such a large jumper when I was such a little thing? (I bet that damn jumper would fit me perfectly now! Well, maybe not quite but a lot closer than back then!)

The next day I got out my pinking shears and cut that sucker up. I ended up with about three yards of fabric. Once again I rummaged through my stash and found some elastic. I took a pair of jeans that my youngest son had outgrown and took them apart for a pattern. By pinning the pieces of the cut up jeans to the corduroy fabric and drawing an outline around them, adding inches beyond the edges,  I was able to adjust the sizes to fit the boys. By the time my hubby got home from work this time, he walked in to see both boys waiting to show him their new corduroy jeans. That was like giving a future alcoholic their very first drink. I’ve been addicted ever since.

Fortunately, after being married for quite a while, I can afford to buy fabric and patterns or any art supplies I want (within reason of course). But I NEVER pay full price for anything. I buy fabric when it’s marked WAY down and add it to my stash because I know I will use it. And I STILL go thrift shopping with my eyes glued to the racks looking for clothing that I can buy for a buck that will provide nice fabric for a project. I have some gorgeous vintage fabric I got by dissecting old dresses in like new condition. So, if you haven’t already discovered this wicked awesome (I’m from Maine) source of very inexpensive fabric, zippers, elastic, and buttons, give it a try. Create a stash from your $1.00 thrift shop finds and the next time you NEED to make something or go crazy, you’ll have just what you need without leaving the house or spending a nickel. WARNING!!!! This may start an addiction.

(By no means do I mean to make light of anyone with any kind of serious addiction.)


2 thoughts on “How I Fed My Sewing Habit as a Young Stay-at-Home Mother

  1. Ah, thrifted clothing as fabric. This is my main source of fabric for the babes. Seriously, I have a HUGE stash of clothing gleaned from either a thrift store, yard sales or from Freecycle. I really should stop getting fabric, but when it’s a cute print, I just can’t pass it up! I’m addictred=)

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