For Anyone That Crafts for a Living

Joann‘s Fabrics has a VIP program for business owners and non-profits (Go to the website and sign up). You get a 15 to 20% discount your entire order EVERYTIME you shop there! This discount, unlike the discount coupons they send in the mail, counts on everything, including sale and clearance items.

***I just bought a TON of 1/2 yard pieces of cotton fabrics for my stash. The total before the clearance price was $121.00+. By the time I snatched a cart full of bolts that were marked down to what I first thought had to be a mistake (because they were so cheap) and used my VIP card…..wait for it…… I paid ………$3.78! Can I just say that Christmas came for me already this year??? I live in Maine near the New Hampshire border. I went to a Joann’s in NH and they have no sales tax, so that $3.78 was the total, Period! Don’t you just love a wicked good score like that?

I truly believe that if I lived alone (not wishing the hubby were gone…well, not for good…you know what I mean.) I would tip that bag upside down in my living room, take all my clothes off, and roll and frolic in it! Yes, I would.

***To be nice, I went first thing in the morning to avoid making people behind me in line wait a life time, because I tied up the girl at the cutting table so long. Be nice and do the same. The person behind you could be you. Well, not really, but you get it.


7 thoughts on “For Anyone That Crafts for a Living

  1. Wow! What an awesome score! Someone at JoAnn’s had mentioned something about the discount, but she didn’t really know much about it. Thanks for the reminder!

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