Two Amazing Handbag Designers – Eileen Roche and Nancy Zieman

Eileen Roche and Nancy Zieman

I just finished watching an episode of “Sewing with Nancy” and she had a guest named Eileen Roche. She and Nancy have teamed up to make the most gorgeous hand-sewn handbags while adding machine embroidery to give it a real designer look. I was really impressed with the final look of the bags compared to many, many handmade bags I’ve seen over the years. I think the extra few minutes it took to add the embroidery to the bag made a huge difference to me, if I were a buyer.  As a clothing and accessory designer/artist myself, this got me excited! What a difference that detail makes! Plus, the machine does all the work. This is definitely making me scratch my head, considering the purchase of an embroidery machine. Hmmmmm.

Now to all you talented hand-embroidery artists, what a gorgeous bag you could make! I would love for my embroidering friends to post some pictures of some of your artwork, simple or complicated. I’d love to see if any of you have embroidered on handbags.

Here’s a link to a demo video of Eileen and Nancy:

And here is a link to Eileen Roche’s Blog:

I love the over-the-top Mexican embroidered bags, but the extremely tasteful embroidery on the above handbags are a perfect touch to the already stunning bags.

Mexican embroidered Bag


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