Can’t Bear to Part With Your Worn-Out But Favorite Sweater?

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The more I looked at and held my favorite sweater in my arms like an old friend, the harder it made it to part with it. It was starting to fray at the sleeve cuffs and there was a stain on it I just couldn’t get out. Then I started studying the pattern and colors and realized that my favorite sweater, given to me by my sons years earlier, wasn’t going anywhere. But keeping things I do not wear isn’t something I do. I do the hand-me-down route, donate to charity, or recycle everything. So I did some research and found some really fun ways to re-structure your lovingly worn sweaters.

These pictures were sent to me by my readers and I found them quite stunning. I will be doing more on using old sweaters to create new, usable items, so any pics or stories you have about recycling old sweaters would be great fun to share.


2 thoughts on “Can’t Bear to Part With Your Worn-Out But Favorite Sweater?

  1. Excellent idea to reuse old clothing and now that I have my sewing rom all sorted I will take a leaf out of your book. I have just finished blogging about my use of old wool coats to create one of a kind teddy bears. It gives me huge satisfaction knowing that it will have a second life and not add to landfill!

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