I Don’t Normally Let My Personal Life Into My Blog, But With the Passing of My True Love I Will Make an Exception

After losing the love of my life after 9 years together, I know that I will never feel love like that again. Just an hour before the tragic passing, I was facing him, cleaning him, brushing him, taking such good care of him as I always did. And then it happened…He stopped moving, made a ghastly noise, and went completely dead. After doing everything possible to bring him back I had to let him go (My bottom lip is quivering as I tell you this). I gathered him up in my arms and carried his broken, lifeless body to the garage and laid him down on a big black garbage bag.

After a couple of days of moping around, my heart broken, I decided to leave the house and try to pick up the pieces. I looked at “others” but my heart wasn’t in it. After 9 years of companionship I yearned for the familiar, the body and soul that I could recognize with my eyes closed. You know how it is, you know them so well that you know exactly how to “push their buttons” to get what you want? Well, I put my best face forward and went out again a few days later and tried again.

After checking out what a gal like me has to pick from at this stage of my life, I felt very little hope of ever feeling the same again. And then….there he was! (Let’s call him “Jake”) I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I immediately  took the initiative and ended up bring him home with me right on the spot. It didn’t take me long to figure out how to  turn him on and we were off to the land of endless love. He showed me little tricks and moves that a gal like me NEVER knew even existed. This went on for hours without stopping. I just couldn’t get enough. And just as I would walk away, shutting the light off while looking back at him over my shoulder, alone in the dark, I was drawn right back. So, my friends, I am here to tell you that yes, you can find love again and you can find it with something strange. Though I am blushing as I tell you this story I am not ashamed to tell you my secret…My new, secret love is…

My BROTHER. “Jake”

Here is my love of 9 years “Steve”

Here is my new love, my Brother “Jake”

Just a few of the hundreds of new moves "Jake" does for me

Footnote: For those of you that do not sew, “Brother” is the make of my new sewing machine “Jake”. I always name my machines. Yup, don’t say it.


6 thoughts on “I Don’t Normally Let My Personal Life Into My Blog, But With the Passing of My True Love I Will Make an Exception

  1. Your blog is lovely. A definite follow. I love the style you write with and your photos. I got so upset reading this post. First I thought it was your lover, then your dog (body in the garage would be a bit harsh for a lover!) and then it was your sewing machine! How funny. I’m still laughing.

  2. LOL! I love this post! I absolutely love my Brother sewing machine too. Though I’m not sure I’d describe things quite like you did.

    You certainly have a flair for writing and a way of drawing people in. First I thought it was a husband you were talking about – until you mentioned laying him on a black garbage bag in the garage. Then I thought you were talking about a pet, especially with you going out and looking at others. It made me tear a bit thinking about loosing my precious kitties. Um, then I realized you were talking about a sewing machine. Wow!

    Anyhow, I commend the choice of a Brother. Mine is about two and a half years old and can do so much more than my previous machine did. It is amazing the things we can do and create together. I hope you continue to enjoy your new machine!

  3. Ok at first I started to have a tear thinking about my dear dog that I lost, then scrolling down oh boy I laugh so hard and jump right into my brother two that I love so much!!! Handsome!!!!
    Love your blog and creativity! Thank you to share

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