Bohemian Lampshade: DIY Tutorial

I absolutely love and adore this. This is going in to my studio ASAP!

bohemian lampshade bedroomThis BOHEMIAN STYLE LAMPSHADE I made for my (kind of)BOUDOIR style bedroom, and I hope that this tutorial and pictures will INSPIRE you to make your own lampshades – it is EASY and DOABLE.

I just LOOOOOVE how this lampshade has the look of feminine HOT AIR BALLOON (especially when the lights are on), don´t you think so? I wanted it to look like a strawberry and whipped cream cake – I think I managed it 🙂

I had no success in my search of ready-made pendant lampshade that would fit my design wishes. And so I started to hunt for the thrift store lampshades that would have such shape that I could envision to dress up with that tasty sounding BOHO touch.
I got an old, big, round and very dusty lampshade that could have been made in 60-ies. I tore off the fabric from the lampshade right…

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