Found: Vintage Style Fabric in the Form of a Dish Towel

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I have been looking for vintage fabric or fabric with a vintage look. But every time I find something I like it seems it’s $15 and up per yard. Now think about that…that’s 45 inches x 36 inches of fabric, people! That’s 3 crummy feet of cloth! Other than the “One Yard Wonders” I make, my need for fabric is because I make custom handbags and sometimes I can get by with a yard to make the body of the bag. But that still means I have to charge much more for the bag just to recoup my cost for the puny piece of fabric. Ridiculous!

So here’s the thing…I went to the Christmas Tree Shop, as we all do, and I found a gorgeous grouping of 4 very large dish towels in different vintage prints for a total of 4.99! They were nice, think linen/cotton fabric with all the edges finished.  Each dishtowel was just under a 1/2 yard when unfolded and they were all in complementary colors and designs. So, basically I found fabric nicer and thicker for 2.5o a yard as compared to the fabric I’d been passing up on the bolt for 15.00 or more. Once again, by think outside the box, I found a new source of fabric for a fraction of the cost at the fabric stores. So every time you pick up something that is made of some kind of fabric, go to that creative place in your mind and think hard about it…but please don’t hurt yourself.


3 thoughts on “Found: Vintage Style Fabric in the Form of a Dish Towel

  1. hi BT! i just started my blog and noticed that you still have the “just another wordpress blah blah blah” on your blog. i figured out how to change it, so just wanted to share that. thanks for being a follower.

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