Patchwork Jacket – Quick! – Where did your mind go? You Instantly Thought “Grandma” Didn’t You?!!

One thing I’ve never, ever made or even considered making is a patchwork jacket. I hate to say it but all I think of is when my grandmother (that I loved with all my heart as she raised 75% of me) was in a nursing home. I was 24 and had my first baby. I walked into the place not knowing what to expect and was taken back by how depressing the place was, nothing cheerful or exciting like my grandmother was.

I walked through the recreation room where a woman was reading a book to several residents and noticed a quilted jacket of some sort on almost all the women there. I remember thinking that if I get to my Nana’s room and she’s wearing one of those damn ugly patchwork things I was going to rip it off her, run out of there screaming, and light it on fire! But, as if to not disappoint, she was in  full make-up, in a pretty dress (she herself made a year or so before), with a gorgeous ruby colored cardigan topped off with a matching necklace and earrings. She would have given June Cleaver a real run for her money back in the day. My Nana was a lady, most of the time. But when I expressed my horror of what appeared to be the nursing home uniform of ugly patchwork she leaned into me and whispered “They offered me one of those old lady jackets and I told them where they could stick it!”

Therefore, my image of a patchwork jacket has forever been tainted. But…I found a teenager that is cranking out patchwork jackets as fast as she can because her friends at school are ordering them faster than she can make them. Who’d of thought?  I told her I thought patchwork jackets were for old ladies. She turned to me and with a look of disbelief, she informed me that patchwork jackets we “new and really HOT!, duh”.  So, I got my old-fashioned, outdated self out of there and found out she was right. I did some research and sure enough, the models are wearing them on the runways.  I HATE it when teenagers are right.

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