My Fascination with Duct Tape or “Duck” Tape as it is now called.

Duct or Duck Tape

A small sample of duct tape designs on the market right now

**A medical study by Adam Doorn announced on major news networks on October 15, 2002, stated that application of duct tape can be used as an effective treatment for warts. This treatment is often called by the name duck or duct tape occlusion therapy.  Interesting…

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But as an artist I find the new colors and patterns very exciting! I always run to the tape section in every store from Lowe’s/Home Depot, Target, and Joann’s/Michael’s/A.C. Moore’s Craft Stores to see if there’s anything new. The variety is huge and it seems that different areas carry different prints. Check out this not-so-new art medium that now comes in a very new selection of colors and designs.

But on the down side, hubby is NOT happy about patching the grip on his manly hammer with a zebra print tape. He had a choice…Hello Kitty or zebra. He no longer loans out his tools!!!

Enjoy this fun medium and take an afternoon and make something. It’s a blast to work with and little girls and boys love a kid-size tote bag made with duct tape. It’s just right for holding little trucks or baby dolls.

Here are some free duct tape projects to get you started:


7 thoughts on “My Fascination with Duct Tape or “Duck” Tape as it is now called.

  1. Wow, I never knew duct tape came in so many designs. It looks like a fun and easy way to decorate. I’m going to look into buying some.

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