Oil Cloth and all the Fun Things to do with it (Good luck finding it)

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In my neck of the woods oilcloth is hard to come by. What they call “oilcloth” in Maine/New Hampshire is that crappy stuff they make plastic tablecloths out of with the fuzzy back on it. Yuck! I want the nice, shiny oilcloth without the cheesy backing on it. So I went from store to store looking for the real stuff. But each time I left the store, head hung down, dragging my lollipop on the ground. No go.

But then one day as I was sipping an iced latte (Venti ‘the absolute biggest size’, light on the ice, whole milk, and get ready…7 Splendas. Yup.) and sitting at my local Barnes & Noble I found a gift from God! I felt like the rooftop of the book store opened up, the sun came out, and shone down on a paragraph in the book I was reading. This opened up a whole new world for me.

DIY Lamination! Therm-O-Web, Heat-N-Bond! Iron-on Vinyl and sewable!

Say What?????

Bottom line: You can buy this stuff at the craft store. Take your most favorite fabric in the whole wide world and iron it on the fabric. Voila! Oilcloth! How freakin genius is that? And so much cheaper than buying that poor excuse for oilcloth they sell in my New England States.

The Oil Cloth Addict has instructions on how to do just about anything with the medium.



3 thoughts on “Oil Cloth and all the Fun Things to do with it (Good luck finding it)

  1. Thanks for posting the link to the other site and the DIY tip! In one of my books, maybe more than one, there is a project with oil cloth, I could be making that up. I have looked around at some fabric stores and didn’t find any “cool” stuff either. I bet fabric.com would have some!

    7 Splendas! Yikes! 🙂

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