And I Thought I was All That and a Bag of Chips!

We will be putting our house up on the market by the end of March of this year. As I just typed that sentence I got the familiar ache in the middle of my chest as I HATE moving! Let me say that again…I HATE MOVING! No matter how I try to vow I will NOT let myself collect crap I do not use, I still end up with boxes of stuff in my basement.

While going through boxes of clothes that none of us have worn for years I was strangely drawn to the collars of my husbands dress shirts. I kept looking at the button holes on each lapel of the shirts thinking, jewelry??? Ideas were forming in my head and those little picture clouds were floating above, conjuring up some ingenious new fashion accessory from these throw away shirts. Then I came to a striking cream-colored shirt with pretty little blue pinstripes and it hit me. Necklaces made from men’s dress shirt collars (or women’s for that matter).

I ran up from the basement and got my jewelry tools, beads, and jump rings out and started playing with the shirt. I cut the collar off leaving the button attached. Then I attached the jump rings to the button holes and constructed a beaded “charm” to hang from each lapel. After sewing the raw edge and pressing it I had an extremely cool necklace like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Last night while looking through this month’s Vogue magazine I found a model wearing a yellow and pinstriped shirt collar as a necklace! Am I living in a bubble? Has everyone known about this except me? Once again, I think I’ve come up some amazing new doodad and within months I see exactly what I thought “I” invented, somewhere else. If only I followed through with some of the “original” ideas I’ve come up with over the years. I might be a millionaire right now. Clearly I didn’t just invent Facebook here but how dare Vogue copy me! 😉

But isn’t it cute and talk about recycling or repurposing throw-away clothing!

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