Well, Rehab Didn’t Work and I Can’t Give It Up. I’m Gonna Scrap the Whole Thing.

Since I started sewing I’ve always had such a hard time throwing away the scraps left over from a project. I’m talking the too small, itty-bitty, teeny-weeny, tiny scraps.  You know, the little ones! Hmmm, drinking those lattes at 9pm is clearly having an effect on my writing tonight.

At first I would talk myself into throwing them away and as I would reach for the trash with scrap in hand, my hand would quiver over the basket. It just felt so wrong. But what could I possibly do with a bunch of too small, itty-bitty, teeny…ok, I’ll stop. So, I found a bamboo laundry basket at a yard sale and spray painted it hot pink. I placed it under my sewing desk and decided the scraps were going to go into the basket and once it was full I would decide if I still had the heart to throw it all away.

That just made it worse. The more full the basket got, the more valuable the tiny, little scraps became. Then on Etsy, during one of my many moments drooling over the handmade items made by all those fabulous artists, I came across a thing of beauty. A scrap fabric bouquet of flowers! Sounds pretty tacky doesn’t it? But they were gorgeous! So I made a bouquet and that was the last thing I remember. As I opened my eyes I found myself on the floor, under my sewing desk, hair disheveled, rug imprints on my cheek, and an empty basket where my scraps had been. I had blacked out and came to, finding I had made 2,478,890 scrap fabric flowers! (Ok, clearly this didn’t really happen and the number of flowers I made was a little less than the number I quoted, but I was hooked).

Now I run my fingers though that basket of scraps the way Scrooge ran his fingers though his gold coins. I do believe I overheard myself laughing that God-forsaken, greedy laugh like his. I felt sick to my stomach as yet again, my addition had come back. Yes, folks, I am a craft addict. I’ve tried to rehab myself but there’s really no hope for me. I’m a fabric junky and I can’t quit. Don’t feel sorry for me. It’s just what I’ve become.

Try these projects to use up scraps and you may look at them in a whole new way. I will pray for you.

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