A Brilliant Artist That Uses Scrap Fabric and Trim to Quilt Little Jewels

I’m still hung up on the “using up tiny scraps of fabric” thing tonight. I left my local fabric store today with a grocery bag full of those tiny little scraps of Home Decor fabric. I was chatting with the lady that was cutting my fabric at the counter and she complimented me on my blog (blushing). I thanked her and to my delight she handed me a full bag of scraps that were going into the trash today.  When she saw my blog from yesterday she grabbed them and bagged them up for me.  Each week they cut up samples from each bolt of Home Decor fabric for customers to take home to help them decide which to buy for decorating their homes. Funny thing is, I realized that I spend so much time at the fabric store that they know before I did, that I’d be going to show up at that store.  I think that clearly fits in with the addict thing.  Afterall, I have to go out and get my fix of fabric, do I not?

Tonight I spread out all the samples on the diningroom table like a puzzle. Once I had a design I liked, I flipped them upside-down, applied a spray adhesive to them and pressed a large sheet  of paper  to the pieces. From there I took it to (Jake) my sewing machine, and stitched them all together to form a solid piece of fabric. My next step will be to get out my trims and decorative bobbles to construct a beautiful handbag. Here’s a few examples of what my goal is to create:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cathyscrazybydesign on Etsy is the artist behind these gorgeous bags!



4 thoughts on “A Brilliant Artist That Uses Scrap Fabric and Trim to Quilt Little Jewels

  1. Love crazy patchwork. Those bags are mad… in a very lovely way. I made a crazy patchwork waistcoat once, forgot to take a photo, then gave it as a present. Wonder where it is now???

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