OMG! He Won’t Stop Talking!

Ok…first of all, I love my husband very much and after many years of marriage I have found that there are many, many more things I “like” about him than things I don’t “like” about him.

He recently retired (at a very young age I might add) and we are now adjusting to being with each other 24 hours a day, everyday. While he worked at his job, I worked at home. Conversation was absent between the hours of 7am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Now don’t get me wrong, we do talk some during the day now that he’s retired, but not a lot. We both keep pretty busy all day. But if one were inclined to talk, it would only take a slight rise in volume of voice to initiate a conversation. Despite this, I’ve discovered a pattern developing as far a when conversation happens. Conversation is initiated by my husband at the following times:

  • The moment I put my glasses on and pick up a piece of reading material
  • Once I click on “WordPress” and try to concentrate on what I have to say
  • As soon as I finish typing my blog and begin to try to proof read and spell check it
  • When I pick up the business telephone to make a call that I need to make by a certain time of day
  • The minute I open my email and try to read and reply to the long list in my inbox
  • When my arms are full of 30 pounds of shopping bags, while the door to the house is right in front of me, and I’m waiting for him to finish talking long enough to turn the knob for me.

Any other time on earth I’d LOVE to have a conversation with my husband. I miss him when he’s gone and enjoy him when he’s with me.  I would much rather have him talk to me when I’m busy than not to be interested in me enough to talk to me at all. So this is not meant as any kind of a slam directed at my husband. Just an observation. I’m wondering if this goes on at anyone else’s home.

And yet tonight, on our Saturday night date night, we went to a lovely restaurant and had drinks and a fantastic meal together. I looked at him over dinner and while he was initiating a flirtatious conversation with me I thought “What in hell are you thinking, Laurie? What woman wouldn’t want to be annoyed by this wonderful man?”


2 thoughts on “OMG! He Won’t Stop Talking!

  1. Sounds exactly like mine lol! I start reading something, he starts talking, I stop to listen then he stops so I start reading and then… Yep you guessed it… He starts talking again!! Drives me nuts.

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