Zero Impact Global Art by IVANO VITALI, ecologist, sculptor, and performer

IVANO VITALI is an Italian artist whose work has primarily been in sculpture but he also does other art including performance art. He is also an ecologist so it makes sense that he’d be interested in eco-friendly artwork and in fact his website specifies that he does “zero impact global art”. This refers to the fact that he doesn’t use any glues or dyes or anything like that in creating his recycled art pieces. Right now his primarily art form is to recycle newspaper into art, particularly wearable art. He has had numerous exhibits over the years with exhibits almost every year consistently since 1994.

Vitali has worked with many different types of recycled materials including plastic bags, magazines and cardboard, work that he started doing in the late 1970′s. However, beginning in 1996 he began focusing almost entirely on recycled newspaper art, creating various sculptures including ones large enough to walk through. In 2002 he decided to learn to both knit and crochet from his mother and this vastly changed his artwork. This is also when he switched to zero environmental impact art.

PSFK explains a little bit about Vitali’s recycled newspaper art process:

“He tears the material into strips, painstakingly sorting it into different colors so he can create pieces in the hue he desires without having to use dyes. He then twists the paper into balls of yarn, and uses large custom-made needles and hooks made from wood to knit and crochet the material into upcycled and innovative fashion.”

He actually makes his own large crochet hooks and knitting needles to complete his work (which you can see from the image of him knitting above are truly, truly large!). He also frequently wears his own knit and crochet newspaper garments to his fashion shows and art openings. He doesn’t dye the paper so you can read the headlines when you get up close to the works of art.

Thanks Kathryn, for the great blog entry. Fascinating! Here’s Kathryn’s link to her post:


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