Another Use For Those Old, Favorite Sweaters

I am forever finding wool sweaters for free! People just don’t want them and here, where all the New England Yankees live, we hate to throw things away. Frugality runs rabid here in N.E.   Some would even refer to us Yankees as cheap! Well, I’m cheap and proud of it. But I take pride in my cheapness because I don’t waste much of anything. I find frugality to be an honest, old-fashioned outlook on life and quite enriching at the end of a repurpose project.

Fleece and wool sweaters of all kinds make great hats for kids. Kids lose hats like I lose my car keys! So I resorted to this practice years ago when my kids were little. I got more compliments on my kids hats and mittens that I made from old, stained or shrunken sweaters. Here’s a few pictures of how cute then can be for anyone that has a head!

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4 thoughts on “Another Use For Those Old, Favorite Sweaters

  1. You certainly don’t need to convince me that old sweaters are fabulous to work with. I don’t get many for free, but they can be pretty reasonable at the right used clothing stores. I’m always on the lookout for great colors!

    • I am forever having people trying to give me their old sweaters. Once people find out you reuse them, they are offered to you by the boat load! Just tell a few people that you are looking for colorful old sweaters and I bet they’ll start being left on your doorstep. LOL

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