Free Project Sheets For Anyone That Wants One!


FREE Project Sheet for Padded Laptop Case

Starting on Monday (if all things go as planned) I will be posting pictures of some FREE project sheets I have. Anyone that wants one can send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope and I’ll send one to you. They are from the store “Joann’s Fabrics” and after years of accumulating them, I need to clean things out (how many copies of the same project sheet does a person need?). We are putting our house up for sale and I’m clearing out things I no longer need. They are all in perfect condition and include pictures, diagrams, and directions in English. They have been stored in a box in my studio so there’s no stinky basement smell or anything. So come back and check it out. Please be sure to “follow” me if you’d like a free project sheet. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read me!

I’ll include my address on Monday.


One thought on “Free Project Sheets For Anyone That Wants One!

  1. I just grabbed two of these sheets myself. One for a tote and one for a birdhouse. That is the first time I noticed them!

    Good way to clean up rather than just throwing them away.

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