Who REALLY REALLY wants to sew????

Learning to sew...again

Learning to sew…again (Photo credit: Maggie T)

So who sews and loves it?
Who would love to learn to sew but is nervous to start?
Who has a sewing machine and has never used it?
Who is dying to find out how to sew something to get started, just something easy to open the door to sewing?

Sewing is a fashion designers dream. Someone with no experience can be taught to sew and change simple little things about an easy pattern you have to make it look so different with no real know-how. It’s simple.

Just call me and I have beginner patterns and will teach you over the phone. Just $10 for a full hour of teaching in your own home by phone and Skype if necessary. Your choice.

Butterscotch Tabby, ask for Laurie, 207-646-7937.


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