Kitty Condo Fit For A King/Queen Made From Scraps For $3.50!!!!!!

Does Your Cat Live In Luxury?





Spoil your kitty with scrap wood, (plywood and 2×4’s), and scrap pieces of carpeting. We made a huge Kitty Condo with all scrap materials. These pictures inspired me and I went nuts with the design. Other than the materials above all I needed was wood screws, wood glue, staples, an electric screwdriver and a staple gun. DONE in one afternoon. Cost???? $3.50 USD. To buy one??? Well over $500 for one this large. Go for it and make your kitty feel like a King/Queen. This was a really fun project and someone is no longer scratching the woodwork!


One thought on “Kitty Condo Fit For A King/Queen Made From Scraps For $3.50!!!!!!

  1. Really nice peace of DIY work. I am really liking the one on the last picture (the christmassy one). It’s a very good idea how to reduce your costs of your pet keeping, especially with this ridicolously overpriced cat’s scratch posts.
    Thumbs up for sharing this and I hope it will help to build one of the reader’s cat’s dream scratch post. I could say that I can make my cat much more happier now if I go and try it myself and save hundreds of pounds of accecories especially in this tough ecomomic times.
    Cheers and I am looking forward for another ideas 😉

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