Pretty Red Nails at a BargainTip
2. If you’re anything like me you cut many corners on things you don’t care alot about or don’t add much value to your life in order to save money. But certain things in the personal grooming department are on a priority list for me.
My nails and hair have to look nice at all times for me to feel like myself. I need to look put-together right if I am to expect people to give me their hard-earned money to buy my products. I need to present myself as an authority to my customers so they will ask their questions and feel comfortable that I look and sound like the right person to ask. So, I get my nails done by a professional. But don’t think for one minute I didn’t shop around.
I get my nails done once a month for $18. Under normal circumstances you need to go twice a month to maintain them. But to stretch my mani/pedi I do my own maintainence.
How? I invest in a nail color I love and bring it with me when I visit my nail lady, Kim. She uses my polish on all my fingers and my ten little toes (which is another bonus since her polish brush has probably been double-dipped on hundreds of other toes, Yuck!) and I take my bottle back home. As soon as they start to look dull, scratched, chipped, or new nail growth starts to show at the cuticle I hit it with a thin layer of new polish from the same bottle she used. They look as freshly painted as the day Kim did them. I also bought a clear top coat polish at the dollar store which I also slap on in about 30 seconds (you can be messy because it doesn’t really show) that refreshes them in a pinch on the way to a meeting. Doing these simple things will save you $18 a month minus the initial investment of your own bottle of polish (3 sexy colors for $5 at Five Below and the clear top coat for $1 which will last at least a year’s worth of polishes). If I catch my nail person in the right mood she’ll take $2 off the $18 because I brought my own polish. Then I truly make out. Try it. What normally costs $36 a month with 2 visits I have made my $6 investment (3 bottles of polish for $5 and the top coat ‘clear’ for $1 at the dollar store = $6) and only go ONCE a month for $16 to $18, total! Gosh I love a bargain that makes me feel pretty and look more refined. Point being, to REALLY save money you have to always think about the less expensive way to do it. This is how I finagle one of my luxuries into my budget.
Tomorrow, how I get a $100 haircut and treatment for $8 every 12 weeks! This is a good one! Come back tomorrow to find out how!



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