My $100 Haircut and Color for $8!


3. I bargain shop for EVERYTHING and my hair is a big deal to me. It’s the only thing left on my body that isn’t fat! So, I keep it nice but decided I didn’t like how much “nice” was costing me.
I started doing research and found out that local beauty schools charge almost nothing for a haircut and if you are asked to be a guinea pig for a student’s first coloring job it very often is free. I’m always up for an adventure so I agreed to get my hair colored and they threw in some highlights and lowlights. The color came out a little too golden for my taste but because it was a school the instructor made her fix it till it was perfect. I’ll warn you that you need to bring your Nook or something to entertain you while you wait but you leave with a thorough check of your cut and color by the instructor. So if it isn’t done correctly she fixes it.
I walked out with $100 worth of services that day for $8
I’ve been asked if when I need it done again would I again be a guinea pig for yet another new person, so I’m in the loop to be asked again. I will continue to volunteer to do this for the huge savings for me and the training of the student. I always feel and look like a million bucks when I see the finished product. I’ve never been happier! Look up a beauty school in your area and see what they offer. You will be shocked at the quality of their services for the tiny price they charge!


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