Don’t Give Up Your Hobbies or Vacations For Frugality

4. Even though the first thing people think of doing when they decide they need to cut back on expenses is give up their hobbies and vacations, that’s a mistake. What you need to do is rethink them. If you love expensive deep sea fishing vacations or enjoy staying at waterfront hotels, maybe your enjoyment is more about the water. If you really give it some thought eliminating all the things you enjoy is only going to make things harder. Saving up for things you love is your whole new mentality. Start small like the cost of going to the movies. Meet that goal and go without guilt. Once I started saving up to do or buy the things I love I found out quickly what I could and couldn’t live without. The other change in myself was that I loved the feeling of having money in the bank or as I call it “ready cash”. Baby steps. Try taking one.


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