Working At Home Does Have A Down-Side…

Simon Baker Helping Me Take Photos with a Photo Cube







1186148_10202009445378176_1831350808_nI have a home business where I sell sewing patterns and other accessories on Ebay ( My job includes taking pictures to get the very best representation of the products I sell. To get the true color to show up in the photos I use a photo cube. If you’re not familiar with a photo cube it’s a big white fabric cube or box that has a zipper opening, just big enough to put your item in and fit your camera through the hole to take a picture. It’s a pretty nifty way to get gorgeous color in your photos. As you can see, my job gets more difficult at times. Seems the more help I get the harder the job gets. But how do you get upset with a helper like this. It’s just the nature of the beast. This is why we love cats!


One thought on “Working At Home Does Have A Down-Side…

  1. Well it definitely enabled you to get some fabulous shots of your kitty! Cats are the best distraction next to piles of new fabric & sewing patterns…

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