Separation Anxiety Sets in as School Starts…Not the Kids but YOU.

I’ve been noticing a lot of Mom’s going through a familiar emotional flux right now and it stirs up old memories for me. Your baby starts school for the first time, your baby’s first day at Jr. High/middle school, and the dreaded first day of high school/college heebie jeebies. Well, one of my friends, Michelle Sealey Lee, Super Mom ( and is going through that right now which made me realize this old feeling again.

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

Here’s my last child going to Jr. High story to Michelle: Took my last baby to the Jr. High School on his first day and thought for sure I was being slick and not letting him see me cry. I cried every morning his first week there. One night at bed time I went in to say “good night” and he said “Mom, why do you cry every morning you take me to school?” Which surprised me because I thought I was doing a splendid job of hiding it. So, trying to be real calm I replied “Because when your brother started junior high school he stopped hugging me…” to which I burst into tears and the façade was over. He sat up in bed and put his arms out toward me and said “Don’t cry Mom, I’ll hug you forever.” and his little eyes were full of tears. And to this day, he still hugs me every time we see each other. He kept his promise. Michelle Sealey Lee


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