What a Cute Little Idea for a GIFT!

Homemade sewing kit mason jar Christmas gift idea 3

Melissa of Bless this Mess came up with a fun idea that I wanted to share with you. I will be giving these as gifts this Christmas and know they’re going to be a big hit with the ladies in my family.  Rather you sew or not, everyone needs a sewing kit. Buttons fall off, knees rip, zipper come apart, and crotches explode. They all have us scrambling for a needle and thread. But of course, if you don’t sew and have a whole set-up, you can’t find anything and the garment ends up in the “I’ll mend it someday pile”. So, that’s why I got so excited when I read this post on Melissa’s blog. What a cute idea and inexpensive to put together. Pick a fabric that matches the recipient’s home décor and it will definitely end up on display in her house.

DIY Sewing Kit Gift in a Jar

Here’s what you’ll need:
Glass jars with a flat and ring (the two pieces to the lid)
Hot Glue
Quilt batting or fiber fill
Spray paint (optional)
Things to fill the jar:
Little scissors
Tape measure

Check out Melissa’s blog for the instructions


Presented to you by Butterscotch Tabby



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