Gas Prices Keeping You Home?



We’re all aware of the sky-high gas prices and if you’re cheap like me, you find yourself weighing the cost of gas against the importance of a car trip. Gas prices are affecting most of us and I find that I am staying home more often. I try to never pay full price for anything and now, if something comes on sale, I do the math to see if after the cost of gas, it’s still going to save me any money. Many times…it’s not. I’m not going to drive 40 miles for a sale if it’s going to cost me $10 worth of gas. Unless it’s a large ticket item it’s just not going to pay off.

So, I now plan my trips out before I leave the house. This is going to sound pretty anal but I check all the sale flyers, note the bargains, check for any coupons, and then mark my route and the shortest way to hit all the sales. I give myself, lets’ say, a $10 gas budget for the whole trip. Then I get out my trusty “Gas Buddy” app on my Smart Phone. Gas Buddy is an application you download onto your cell phone. It calculates all the gas prices, starting with the closest gas station to your location, and pops them up for you to compare. I’ve saved myself 10 cents a gallon most times by using Gas Buddy and driving less than a half mile down the street. On a fill-up this adds up if you use this app every time. Try searching your apps for a gas-saving app for your location. Download it and you’re all set. I then drive to that station and put my $10 in the tank and set my odometer (or the thingy that resets to zero and counts your miles). If I go through a little extra time, putting this trip together, it does save more than enough money to make it worth my efforts. I am NOT going to spend 3 hours preparing to save myself $5. My time is worth more than that to me.

Another gas-saving option I have is the special membership club they offer at Cumberland Farms. Go to their website, sign up for the membership which links to your checking account, and within a few days you’ll receive a link to the app on your cell phone. Then it’s just a matter of waving your phone in front of the pump and you’ll magically see the pump drop 10 cents per gallon. Presto!

Both of the apps I’ve mentioned are FREE apps to download and to use.


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