A Word About Michelle Sealey Lee of Michelle Unplugged

Michelle Unplugged

In a world full of millions of bloggers I found Michelle Unplugged. Talk about keeping it real. This lady holds nothing back, even at her expense. Shameless Honesty from a real, live person? Who’d a thunk.

She has no secrets. She shares everything with her readers, even things that I shudder to read. But in a way that I truly respect her and feel I know her way below the surface. What you see is what you get. I bet no one reading my blog right now has the courage to talk about what she does, and it’s all the truth. No embellishments, nothing left out, only the facts of what really goes on in the life of a vivacious woman with kids, a husband, a home business (or 2 or 3), and real problems. She has great days, not-so-great days, and horrible days. I’m making this sound boring but it’s not. She doesn’t moan on about her problems or brag about her successes. It’s far from boring.

She also does reviews on products and has giveaways for the fun of it. She is good at what she does.

She never does anything half-assed and I find myself visiting her blog and Facebook page daily. She really puts herself out there and gets kicked in the ass for it. Though it hurts her feelings at times, she continues. She doesn’t edit her posts because she fears criticism. She is the real deal, take her or leave her. I choose to take her.

Michelle Sealey Lee




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