Ground Round on Hammond in Bangor, Maine


My rating of The Ground Round Restaurant will be posted very soon.




My dear friend dined at the Ground Round in Bangor (pronounced “Bang-gore”). In the lovely city of Bangor, an exciting college called Orono keeps it hip, young, and THE place to eat. DEB C. HAD A GREAT TIME THERE WITH HER FAMILY, napkins piled so high she couldn’t see her ex, maybe not a necessarily bad thing I suppose…lol but the food was great, the staff was nice and they had a great time, especially when the ex left and paid the bill on the way out! Lol! So, if crunching on a floor of popcorn is ok with you then I say give it a try. I’ll follow up with a visit to Ground Round and post my opinion after I eat there. Deb C. is a good, honest judge of personal experiences at a restaurant so I ‘m quite sure my dining experience will be similar, minus the ex. Lmao!
Thanks Deb C. for the share and my meal experience will soon follow. #GroundRound Ground Round Restaurant <—-click here for the link.


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