Mason Jar Gift Ideas


Mason_Jar_Manicure_Set 4e37408de9b624c7a2dfed49b188ab4c d5e35248ca4e2bdcaf702df823d989ac2fce780343e9432bab98bc696e7ca52bhot-cocoa-jar-4

I needed to come up with some last minute Christmas party gifts and still stay within my holiday budget which was already stretched. This is when I usually go “shopping” in my studio, office, and attic. While I was poking through things I came across my left over canning jars and remembered one I had seen in a boutique. It was filled with sewing supplies and decorated with pretty fabric and ribbon.

I started thinking about the people I was giving the gifts to and realized how easy this would be. I sat down to sketch out some ideas and before I knew it I had pages full of inspirations to fill the Mason Jars. Basically, all I did was stuff the lid with batting and covered it with a pretty fabric. I tied that with a matching ribbon and a coordinating tag or label and filled it with something I knew the person would enjoy. My notes went something like this:

The cook –          Dried beans in layers and spices to make a soup

Layers of the dry ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies

Whole cinnamon sticks with a mini grater

The golfer –         Golf balls and tees

The gardener – A terrarium

The crafter –       Sewing kit, using the stuffed lid as a pin cushion

The kids –             Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows

Cinnamon and sugar mixture with a shaker top

Crayons, kids’ scissors, tape, etc.

I also included a little gadget that went with the theme, for instance, a wooden spoon with the cookie or soup mix and a recipe.

So, take a look at your craft or cooking supplies and see what you can come up with. Even if you don’t have everything you need to make the jars a quick trip to the dollar store should do it. Guaranteed the recipient will be impressed and your shopping  budget won’t be busted!

Canning Jars253ff89476076af358af7ad62a9ef8fe1eb3581b0eea89bab42209e7f7e3a0c70694d3441ffc555564187fb027ecebccf6f6b6b82ddf89a50291dea0921bde046c14df0752a94bbbfafb77760f6709ba0

Here’s the things I included in the fresh cinnamon kit for the cook…

3577S_07_10_2012__17_45_08_456 db2445924092df7ed85bfb7bd8ba1f8c fox%20run%205572

I also found these tags on the internet and printed them out on card stock…



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